Launch of Central Earth Engineering

For the first blog post, the founder of Central Earth Engineering, Alexander Winkelmann, answers the hardest questions that he had to ask himself before launching the company. They are all very good questions, so they need good answers to go along with them.

1. Why start up a geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing & inspection firm?

You might hear of a kid wanting to be a geologist or maybe even a civil engineer when they grow up, but I’ve never heard of one that says “golly, wouldn’t being a geotechnical engineer be swell.” Most people I talk to outside of the engineering world don’t even know what a geotechnical engineer is! I’ll admit, I did not either, but as I began to learn about all the interesting aspects and complexities of soil, rock and ground water in university, I was intrigued.

What separates geotechnical engineering from other branches of engineering is the unknowns. We drill a few holes in the ground, perform (in some instances relatively crude) tests, and then have to determine all the ways the soil, rock and ground water can be used to build with, into, or on top of. This inherent problem solving, and the passion that goes along with running one’s own business, is what drove me to start Central Earth Engineering.

2. Why serve the Barrie and Central Ontario markets?

I both grew up and worked in the GTA (with a small respite in Kingston during my university days). When I finally realized that GTA living was not for me, I considered every single major city centre in Southern Ontario to move to. Luckily, I chose Barrie. The city, and all of the surrounding areas, whether it be to Collingwood and Owen Sound, up to the Muskoka’s, or past Orillia into Kawartha Lakes, are all beautiful. The nature and the people are what really stand out.

I strongly feel that living and working in the same area helps build stronger relationships, and brings a pride to your work that may not exist otherwise.

3. What can Central Earth Engineering bring to the table that hasn’t already been done?

This is the big one. Why choose Central Earth Engineering over another firm?┬áCentral Earth Engineering will provide high quality engineering for a fair price, but that is not what we want to be known for. We want to be known for providing quick, open and honest communication. We will let you know how a project is going, provide updates, and will respond to a client’s calls and emails in a timely manner.

We also want to be known for giving reasonable expectations on timelines for projects. If we promise a deadline, or that we will have someone out to site, we will. If for some reason we can’t, you don’t have to call us, we will let you know and work together to make something happen. I think it’s so important to for a consultant and a client to work together and have strong communication, and that is what really helps a project succeed.

So feel free to contact Central Earth Engineering for your next project, and stay tuned for more blog posts!

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