Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Geotechnical engineering is concerned with the engineering behaviour of earth materials. These materials can include soil (gravel, sand, silt and clay), rock (soft rocks such as shale or hard rocks found in the Canadian Shield), and ground water.

For earthworks, buildings, structures or developments, it is imperative to understand how these earth materials work with each other. This allows for the right design when building on top of, building below, or building with these earth materials.

In many cases a geotechnical investigation consisting of boreholes or test pits is required to observe and test the existing subsurface conditions. With this information, laboratory tests can be completed, and engineering design advice for a wide variety of parameters can be completed.

Geotechnical engineering services Central Earth Engineering provides include:

  • Subsurface investigations through boreholes and test pits.
  • Providing engineering design advice, including:
    • Shallow and deep foundations
    • Slope stability and retaining wall design
    • Consolidation and settlement
    • Seismic design parameters
  • Construction considerations, including:
    • Site grading and staging
    • Bedding and backfill for site servicing
    • Pavement design structures